The “art price CONTEMPORARY” is a social action of the Rotary Club Strasbourg (with the support of the French Rotary district), France, the Rotary Club Bonn, Germany, and the Rotary Club Novara (since 2016), Italy. DSC08197
The aim is to encourage and help young artists, to give a financial support to one artist once a year, to organize an exhibition in order to make meet the public and the artist. So a larger public will discover the works of the artist who won the award. The aim of the prize is to communicate around this artist and his works. If possible the artist should be shown in the three countries.
We are convinced that young artists are observers of our societies, and that sharing the discussions about their works, opens minds.
“Le prix des arts” has been founded by the French RC in Strasbourg 17 years ago, but since in 2012 the German RC Bonn joined this annual commitment, it is called “Prix des arts Contemporary”.
The European dimension of this price being supported by a French-German-Italian financial support exists as well through the French-German-Italian jury.
Once a year, the jury which is composed by professional experts from the three countries (university professors, directors of museum, director of the Fine Arts School) examines the propositions. The jury comes together one year in Bonn, or in Strasbourg, or in Novara.
Only one artist is chosen and gets for his future works the award (5.000 – Euros). The second and third artist is mentioned as nominations in the last short list in the press articles.
The 2016 edition’s theme is “Migration”. We usually get around 70 to 120 artists and portfolios.
The criteria for the voting are three parameters:
Does the proposition fit with the theme (coherence)?
Does the proposition stand for an original creative work of an artist who has already a real work, where comes he/she from (studies)?
DSC08195Is it really possible to create the proposition and will it be accessible for a large public?
The 2015 edition’s winner was Lukas Müller for the theme “Faites vos jeux”, which he translated in collages of lost and found papers telling a lot about our modern lives.
In 2016 the awarded artist is Patrik Thomas who will show a two screen video installation in relation with the theme “Migration”. “Hotel Desserato” tells the story of immigrants living and working together in the backyard of an old part of Lisbon. They repair an old bus to go together for a journey to Africa. The films will show these preparations, the trip, their personalities and origins.